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 This is part of my birthday present from B & A  that was custom made by elegant:  http://archers-elegant.livejournal.com/413035.html .   It is absolutely spectacular.

I am awaiting a waist cincher from Marvelous Mahem to complete.

I can't wait to wear this, and was overwhelmed by the gift. 

20th-May-2008 06:18 pm - Changes - ahhh
Ok - here it is - although really this is hardly an announcement and  the few that read my jounal already know this

I moving to Atlanta!!

This is happening right before SELF. So life is pretty damn stressful at the moment, even though life is pretty damn good at the moment.

Assuming I was moving to NYC - about a year ago I begged my 1996 Altima to keep going until June of this year. Just go until June I begged it because after that who cares - I'd be in NYC. Well my car almost answered my prayers, because it waited until now to start sporadically shutting down in the middle of traffic. This problem has left several trusted mechanics completely stumped.

AHHHHHHHHHHH- My car is laughing at me.

Of course I have saved money for such things for a move but finding the idea of spending it is making me crazy. I really like looking at a nice nest egg on my bank statement.  I'm realizing how quickly it can disintegrate.  Logically I know I will be fine but this has me in a funk at the moment

Good Things 

Going to SELF in June. I will have good freinds with me and it will be the first time I attended an event with both B and A.   I'm really looking forward to it.

We are also going to Tes Fest in July .  Boomer is presenting 3 whip classes.   I really want Dim Sum with a nice big crowd while there, but wondering if that is mainly a Sunday activity, and if so then it may not work as the event continues through Sunday/Monday.

This weekend I will learn if I will be an  appropriate demo bottom for Boomer's long whip demo (ie can I handle it). I am doubtful but damn it - my pride desires it.

5th-May-2008 07:32 pm - Teaching at SJW
Presenting at SJW went very well. My original goal, gee what 6-9 months ago was to see if this was something I would be good at. This was a rather intense way to find that out (4 classes taught in less than 24 hours by soemone fairly new to it), lol.

Despite all the requests for the tea class, the numbers at both were low, but the attendees that came were a real joy. I’m finding I really do enjoy spending time with people this way. I love their enthusiasm and that just increases mine during the class. I had one attendee that came in part at the request of his Mistress and I don’t think he was initially very enthused, in fact I remember him saying earlier he didn’t’ really want to come, but he seemed to love the class, wants a Xixing teapot now, and gave me his card and asked me to present to his local group sometime. That felt great. I had three people mention I should present to their local community. The validation really helps.

The most hysterical comment in all of my classes came during the Art of Tea. I cut open a tea bag and emptied the contents onto a plate next to several samples of whole loose leaf tea to illustrate the difference (most tea bags have just dreadful tea in them) between the two.

I only had two guys at that class and we (all three of us) starting saying that teabags were just “crap” and then the guy from England said in his rather perfect voice that tea bags reminded him of hot dogs, - hot dogs contain all the vile leftovers of the pig and similarly, tea bags contains all the vile leftovers of tea leaves. The guys that come to my class really make me laugh.

My time management class went really well – that surprised me. I was really dreading that class but…again I had great folks in my class, they offered good input which helped the discussion format of this class to work well.

My last class for the weekend was the formal table class and frankly I could barely put words together coherently at that point. I am glad that I presented this class before otherwise I would question the format and content entirely. There are still a few things to revise, I might be trying to do too much in one class, but I think basically most issues came from being on brain overload.

I met some wonderful people at this event, and really enjoyed traveling with my friend Michelle in her cute little green Mini named Forest.
25th-Mar-2008 07:32 pm - Frolicon clothing post
I ended up taking 10 pairs of shoes, not 6-7. On the way out of town I stopped by Marshall’s and I found a really cute pair of 9 West silver slip-on high heels that went perfectly with my Saturday night attire. They were also excellent for slipping off quickly, allowing me to run my foot up someone’s leg, which led them to grabbing my foot and biting it. That was fun.


Day - I wore seamed stockings with a pair of cute strappy stiletto sandals with a flirty skirt and top. I now love seamed stockings and plan to add them to my wardrobe this year. There were quite fun to take off in the foot torture class, although I think only boymeat saw this, and really that is lost on him as I think he only enjoys the sweat advantage stockings create.

Evening – I was going for a vintage lingerie/burlesque look all in black with stilettos, a bullet bra, black elbow length leather gloves and a black girdle with garters. This started off horrifying as I thought I left half my outfit (girdle and gloves) in NC and was rather upset. Thank god I packed back up items and also for a borrowed garter belt. I will never debate leaving out the backup attire again. After getting dressed in bullet bra and garter belt I found the lost items in A’s car as we were leaving for the con and wanted to stop and change right there. I was told no, that I looked fine and to let it go. Well that didn’t happen easily and I think I was threatened with consequences if I mentioned changing again. I tried not to pout and did pretty well. Getting dressed again after the scene with A provided the perfect opportunity to put on the retro girdle instead of the garter belt, thus allowing me to fulfill my original fetish attire plan. I think I stayed covered most of the night due to a chill from endorphins so no one really saw this outfit anyway, however I was happy.


Day - I wore a little black dress with my black, white and red polka dot shoes which were noticed often... I waved my shoe teasingly at leatherlasvegas and he gave me a drive by chest pounding, bit my neck, and then left me, sort of like he did at my first Frolicon.

Evening - : I think my outfit Saturday night came out pretty good, although I only had it on for about 5 minutes. We were in a bit of a rush from dinner to get to the dungeon and I didn’t have the energy to really redo my face or hair. I added the baby pink ostrich feathers as a skirt under my pink and black beaded corset and Lolita said I looked gorgeous, I blushed, said thank you and left for the party “as is.” I arrived at the dungeon and immediately discarded my wrap and got many comments as we strode to the play equipment where I immediately undressed for a scene with lolitasir. That was it for the beaded corset, pink bra and baby pink ostrich feather outfit. Oh, I did keep my stilettos on during the scene as they were just too pretty to take off.
24th-Mar-2008 07:03 pm - Frolicon Post - Number 1
Ok, gee this is just a start. I just arrived home from Frolicon. I stayed a day extra. I was too tired for the drive and found I missed B and A, wanted some quiet time with them before I headed back. It was a fantastic weekend.

I'm not looking at you

The most ridiculous thing viewed at Frolicon had to be a particular “icky top” type with a singletail Friday night. This was my first veiwing of this particular icky top. I believe he had his bottom leaning over a spanking bench. He would hit her once with his whip and immediately turn his back on her, crossing his arms with an "I'm ignoring you" expression on his face. He would stand that way for a few minutes, turn hit her again and turn back around with his "I'm not looking at you" expression. It was absolutely the most ridiculous thing - and I was reminded of a five year old's "I'm not touching you" game. I had a hard time not falling into hysterics as I was being tied up for my own beating, thank goodness by my wonderful partner who does enjoy looking at me while jumping up and down giggly maniacally as she canes my thighs.

Now that scene I was told by many was hot. I had a wonderful day with A, I am so happy she was able to join me in classes and lunch, and then later beat me to begging and pleas.

Demo Bottom Whore

Ok I have to admit I love this. I mean what is not to love? I get beat and play exhibitionist under bright lights with an attentive audience - often forgetting that folks are there to see the presenter and not necessarily me, lol.

Demo bottoming to foot torture proved a scene in itself and I was stopped in the hallways for two days by folks asking how my feet were doing and listened to comments on what an awesome presentation boymeat gave.

As I leaped onto the message table at the start of the demo I whispered a thank you across the room to kathryntact for not jumping at the chance to play this role, and then later, after I realized this foot torture class was a bit more sadistic than the one I had previously witnessed, my looks to her became more “ oh crap” But who am I kidding I love to be scared.

Atlanta Has Lesbians!

I invited myself to join impgrrl at her table for lunch with many from the Atlanta area. As I listened to them I realized like - whoa, Atlanta has lesbians, or at least very very bi women. I might actually be able to find a non monogamous lesbian for play there.

Oh yeah , I'm moving to Atlanta in two months – more on that in another post to come.

Half Naked Flesh Pile

After a fantastic scene with lolitasir on Saturday (It is good to be me, I have to admit) I was rather loopy and drunk on endorphins and ended up in this pile of half naked flesh that that just sort of grew throughout the night. I remember at one point looking up at a piece of play equipment and one member of the flesh pile, a rather gorgeous half naked tanned blond bambi type girl had her arms tied above her head and her legs wrapped around the neck of her date and was arching her back and breasts upward in a sort of backbend. I think kathryntact, boymeat and I just stared in awe momentarily and then he began beating someone.

Much of the evening I spent sitting in a chair in my ostrich feather skirt being pet and fondled by taliakit. She has the nicest hands, sigh. The group of men standing off to the side staring, in hopes of catching a flesh pile castoff seemed to grow throughout the night.

Lord… I need to end this post and have a second to detail my outfits and play experiences.
4th-Feb-2008 03:39 pm - Politics
Hmmm, seriously thinking about having my son over for a "Super Tuesday" evening of eating and watching the primaries. I'm getting really excited about the history that will occur regardless of who receives the democratic nomination.

I think I'll serve Chicken with White Wine and Figs.

on a related topic my dear friend sir_goober sent me a link to a political blog where I discovered clips of Russ Feingold.

I have also decided that Russ Feingold is hot, and have therefore adopted him as my lastest mental boyfriend. I just love it when he gets passionate about the constitution and the rights of congress and the people, sigh....he really is quite dreamy like that.
19th-Dec-2007 10:09 am - Who is going to Frolicon?
Just wanted to get connected with who is going. I'm just now starting to plan next year on my calendar.

I will probably be staying at a friends house for at least one if not all evenings (they live 15 minutes away) but if anyone with a room already booked is looking for a roommate to help cover a night to two, please let me know. Frankly I need this more for my clothing changes, and any unplanned interludes rather than crash space.

I know the hotel is sold out and since I have a local place to stay, there is no point in going to the back up.

Also, I need to start scheduling play dates!! So if you are going I'd love to hear about it.

I've already come up with one costume idea which will include some rather high heels of course. At my last frolicon, my foot somehow ended up in someones crotch leading to a rather intense "drive by" scene. I hope to have many of those this Easter.
19th-Nov-2007 07:20 pm - Everybody else is doing it

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Can't say the "loves relationships" part applies
9th-Nov-2007 11:18 pm(no subject)
I was on youtube and thought to look up this show I used to watch when living in Belgium.

If you like Rowan Atkins, or political humor - you will love this clip.
.......well, unless you are a conservative,and then maybe not.

7th-Nov-2007 09:27 am - Copied from my response elsewhere
What is the point of transparency, if we are simply going to shun anyone that voices a concern? If we simply assume that the motivation for a spoken concern is either selfishly based or ill founded. We might as well start operating in secrecy again, because we certainly are not creating an environment that accepts input that we don't necessarily want to hear.
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